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Initial Case Review—Conducted by Experienced ED-Qs

Quality Performance Review (QPR™) gives you immediate support for implementing an effective structured quality assurance (QA) program. It includes case review, quality assurance, and weekly mentoring feedback that is backed and supported by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAED™) using certified Emergency Dispatch Quality Assurance (ED-Q™) faculty.

EQUIP QA: Our ED-Qs initially handle all case review while training your ED-Qs. We review and train (up to 91 days) until your ED-Qs are ready to handle their entire caseload.

Q PLUS: Our ED-Qs audit a sampling of your ED-Q cases monthly and coach your ED-Qs through a weekly meeting to improve their skills.

Q VIEW: Our certified ED-Q faculty provides you with visibility into the performance of your ED-Qs by reviewing a percentage of their cases and reporting results to you.

Q CHECK: a sampling of your reviewed calls, identifying areas for additional training to ensure compliance.


• Keep budget costs down by eliminating the need to hire additional staff.
• Decrease your liability by having seasoned, certified Qs completing the initial case review.
• Avoid internal conflicts between supervisory staff and emergency dispatchers on appropriate application of IAED standards.
• Focus agency efforts on compliance for Accredited Center of Excellence status.


Department Stakeholders: Confidence that QA best practices are being adhered to right after implementation and beyond.

Emergency Dispatchers: Timely feedback on calls and awareness of areas where training is needed.
Supervisors, Managers, Trainers: Less conflict in the agency surrounding case review and emergency dispatcher performance.

The Community: Callers enjoy a high level of care that continues to improve because agency calls are being held to the highest standards.


A single point of contact to conduct weekly meetings on case review findings and to discuss protocols and standards in depth.

The ONLY supported outsource of case review that meets the IAED’s accreditation requirements and Priority Dispatch’s licensing requirements.

Detailed review provided so your supervisory staff can focus on quality improvement and meeting with staff individually.

Ensures the most recent IAED Standards are applied to all call reviews.