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Real-time ProQA data analysis in partnership with FirstWatch.

With Academy Analytics you can:

  • Monitor your center’s ProQA performance in real time, from anywhere!
  • Instantly identify outlier cases for review.
  • Provide teammates with a dashboard that shows how they are doing on the things that matter.
  • Know when there is an increase in aborted or overridden calls.
  • Balance the workload to help manage employee stress.
  • Coach your team to optimal performance.
  • Potentially increase the number of cardiac arrest patients that survive.

View your ProQA dashboards and analytics from any web-connected device!

View specific date ranges and drill down case by case.

View your charts your way with easily changeable settings.

A partnership 20 years in the making …

Academy Analytics by FirstWatch is the result of a collaboration between FirstWatch and the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) to provide near-real-time web-based dashboards and analytics for ProQA users, while also enabling ground-breaking research by the IAED.

FirstWatch has been partners with the IAED and Priority Dispatch since 2002, and we have monitored more than 15 million ProQA calls in real time for our customers since then. Now, agencies using ProQA can benefit from near-real-time analytics quickly and easily by adding Academy Analytics to their ProQA system. www.emergencydispatch.org

Contact your Priority Dispatch Account Manager at info@prioritydispatch.net or call 801-363-9127 to learn about your next steps.

FirstWatch is a 20+ years strong, public safety software company whose 45+ staff have over 350 years of public safety experience and another 300+ years of public safety software experience. We help 911 Agencies, Law Enforcement, EMS Systems, Fire Departments, and Public Health transform raw data into meaningful information in real time. We have monitored over 200 million 911, ProQA, CAD, ePCR, and RMS records in real time, and add more than 100,000 new records to that total each day. Our 400+ customers serve over one-third of the population of the U.S. and Canada.

We’re all about doing the right things for the right reasons, for our customers, their patients, the citizens they serve—and each other.