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Priority Dispatch Corp. (PDC) offers an array of professional course options for all your communication center’s needs, from dispatch certification and quality assurance training in the protocols; to technical software support training for ProQA and AQUA; to a specialized standalone courses like the 4-hour Active Assailant course.

Certification Courses

  • Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD)
  • Emergency Fire Dispatcher (EFD)
  • Emergency Police Dispatcher (EPD)
  • Emergency Communication Nurse (ECN)
  • Emergency Dispatch Quality Improvement (ED-Q)
  • Emergency Telecommunicator (ETC)
  • Emergency Telecommunicator-Instructor (ETC-I)

Software Courses

  • ProQA
  • AQUA
  • System Administration

Specialty Courses

  • Active Assailant (Shooter)
  • Myth Busters
  • High-Performance EMD


Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Course (3-day)
  • Advanced EMD Certification
  • EMD Quality Assurance
  • EMD Mentor Certification
Emergency Fire Dispatch (EFD) Course (3-day)
  • EFD Certification
  • EFD Quality Assurance
Emergency Police Dispatch (EPD) Course
  • EPD Certification
  • EPD Quality Assurance
Emergency Nurse Communicator (ECN) Course (4-day)
  • ECN Certification 
Emergency Dispatch Quality Improvement (ED-Q) (2-day)
  • Emergency Medical Dispatch Quality Assurance (EMD-Q) Certification
  • Emergency Fire Dispatch Quality Assurance (EFD-Q) Certification
  • Emergency Police Dispatch Quality Assurance (EPD-Q) Certification
  • Emergency Communication Nurse Quality Assurance (ECN-Q) Certification
Emergency Telecommunicator (ETC) Course/Emergency Telecommunicator Instructor (ETC-I) Course
  • Emergency Telecommunicator (ETC) Certification
  • Emergency Telecommunicator-Instructor (ETC-I) Certification


ProQA Software Course (4-hour)
  • ProQA Certification
AQUA Software Course (1-day)
  • AQUA Certification
System Administration Course (1-day)
  • System Administrator Certification


Active Assailant (Shooter) Course (4-hour)

This course gives 911 dispatchers/calltakers an in-depth understanding of how to use the International Academies Emergency Dispatch (IAED) Active Assailant (Shooter) Protocol to gather crucial information and rapidly deploy responders. This Protocol is available to all law enforcement, medical, and fire communication centers regardless of Academy membership or use of the Priority Dispatch System. Course includes a manual and scenario drills.

Myth Busters Course (2-hour)

The Myth Busters Course dispels prevailing inaccuracies surrounding the Priority Dispatch Protocols — misrepresentations that may have prevented your communication center from adopting the protocols.

High-Performance EMD Course (4-hour)

This course assists new and current users of the Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS) to use the Protocol to its full extent. It provides a broad overview of the Medical Protocol and how your agency can maximize the benefits of its features.

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