Medical Transfer Protocol Suite

Patient Transfer—Optimized

Are you fielding a large number of patient transfer calls? Medical Transfer Protocol Suite (MTPSTM) streamlines the patient transfer process, guiding emergency dispatchers to identify the best transport vehicle, equipment, personnel and facility based on the patient’s condition. When responders receive the right information from the start they can optimize their resources and send the right help. And because MTPS is the only transfer product where billing codes can be confirmed at dispatch, it enhances return on investment for transfer providers.

What are the Transfer Protocols?

Protocol 45: Specialized Unscheduled Up-Care Transports: Used when a patient is transported to a higher, more acute level of care
Protocol 46: Scheduled Interfacility Transfers (Routine): Used when a patient is routinely transported to another facility with a similar level of care
Protocol 47: Mental Health Transfers: Used when a patient with diagnosis or symptoms of mental illness is transported to a medical or support facility

Our resources are being used much more efficiently, and MTPS is also increasing our bottom line simply because the correct billing code is confirmed at dispatch.

What are the benefits of MTPS?

  • ENHANCED ROI with ICD codes confirmed at dispatch
  • BETTER INFORMATION and better care for the patient
  • LESS FRUSTRATION and more trust between agencies, responders and providers
  • LESS TIME ON TASK with more efficient transfer calls and responses
  • QUESTIONS best suited for healthcare professionals


Agency Leaders

Leaders manage resources better and earn trust from responders and community care facilities.

Care Facility Staff

Staff answers fewer questions faster (to get back to the patient) and receives needed resources.

Emergency Dispatchers

Dispatchers work more confidently, asking the right questions and sending the right resources.

Ambulance Providers

Providers benefit from better resource allocation, happier responders, and enhanced reimbursement.

We’re working with our contracted facilities more smoothly, and they’re reporting it has made such a difference to receive the right resources for every transfer.

Key Features of MTPS

ALS, BLS, Critical Care, and Neonatal teams can be deployed

Local control with agency-selectable logistical questions, equipment, medications, facilities, and personnel

The ONLY transfer dispatch product that allows ICD Codes to be attached to dispatch codes

Handles Up-Care, Routine, and Mental Health Transfers