Risk Management for Emergency Dispatch—What’s Your Liability?

A new study published in The Annals of Emergency Dispatch and Responseidentifies the most common issues cited in lawsuits over the last four decades against 911 agencies. Are these issues putting you at risk?

If your agency ever experiences these issues, you could be at risk:

  • Callers having to call more than once to get an actionable response sent (most common issue named in lawsuits).
  • Complaints about delayed dispatch or response from callers (second most common issue).
  • Complaints about customer service issues or mishandled calls.
  • Emergency dispatchers failing to provide Pre-Arrival or Post-Dispatch Instructions.

If you’ve experienced any of these issues, this new study is for you—Litigation and Adverse Incidents in Emergency Dispatching*. The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch®recently published the study reviewing 911 cases from the past 40 years. They found that these 911 legal cases outline a clear and enforceable standard of care that agencies have followed to successfully avoid litigation. They also found that ignorance of the standard is no defense.

Does your agency follow the established standard? Download your copy of the Standard of Care and Practice and read the full study to make sure you’re protected.

Unsure about your risk or need help assessing your level of care? Call us at (800) 363-9127 and ask for your regional Service Representative. Priority Dispatch specializes in raising the standard of care and practice across all aspects of a 911 agency.

*(1) Litigation and Adverse Incidents in Emergency Dispatching
Jeff J. Clawson, M.D., Denise Jorgensen, Audrey Frazier, Isabel Gardett, Ph.D., Greg Scott, MBA, EMD-QI, Brent Hawkins, J.D., Ann Maggiore, J.D., NRP, and Christopher Olola, Ph.D.
Sept. 20, 2018 | 2018, AEDR 2018 Vol. 6 Issue 2, Special Edition, Original Research