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Support Products

Priority Dispatch’s Support Products supplement its flagship software products, ProQA and AQUA. Whether it’s providing on-the-go case determinant codes to first responders on the MobileFRG app, or Protocol Tables and Quality Assurance Guides, our support products have you covered when it comes to emergency dispatch communications.

Mobile Field Responder Guide (MobileFRG)

The Mobile Field Responder Guide (MobileFRG) puts code response interpretation into the palm of your hand/smartphone. Available to field responders through their licensed agencies for both the iPhone through the Apple Store and for Android phones at Google Play. MobileFRG assists responders by interpreting the dispatch code into a full text description. For example, with the MPDS, 10-D-1 transmitted over the radio from the dispatcher to the responder becomes ”Chest Pain, DELTA-level, Not alert” through the MobileFRG.


Protocol Tablets

Protocol Tablets are designed to supplement and support our industry-leading calltaking solution, ProQA, making sure your backup and training needs are covered.

QA Guides

The QA Guide,7 ½-inches by 5 ¾-inches in size, is a spiral bound, handheld, full-color version of the cardset that provides communication supervisors, managers, and QA officers with easy access to the protocols. Essential for case review and dispatch performance evaluation, it is the perfect companion for AQUA case review software.

Introducing Advanced SEND

This new evolution of the SEND process is now in ProQA® and allows dispatchers to more effectively handle calls for assistance from police officers, sheriff’s offices, security, federal agents, highway patrol, or military police.

Principles of Emergency Medical Dispatch textbook

“Principles of Emergency Medical Dispatch,” by Dr. Jeff J. Clawson, Kate Boyd Dernocoeur, and Cynthia Murray, defines the practice of safe and effective emergency dispatch in today’s dispatch environment. With 27 years of experience since the first edition was published, the fifth edition Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS v13.0) addresses the increasing complexity of modern dispatch by providing more information, a broader, more global perspective, and increased focus on total quality management.

NOTE: Available to certified EMDs and other Academy members only