We’re open but working remotely due to COVID-19. Reach us at 1-800-363-9127 (USA/Canada), 1-801-363-9127 (International), your contact’s direct number, or our website contact form.

Client Services


U.S. & Canada Client Services Contacts

Adam Hinckley

Vice President of Sales

Office: 801-363-9127 x132
Fax: 801-363-9144
Email: adam.hinckley@prioritydispatch.net

Chris Murdock

Regional Account Manager

Office: 801-363-9127 x143
Fax: 801-363-9144
Email: chris.murdock@prioritydispatch.net

Jon Stones

Regional Account Manager

Office: 801-363-9127 x149
Fax: 801-363-9144
Email: jon.stones@prioritydispatch.net

John Grisevich

Regional Account Manager

Office: 801-363-9127 x229
Fax: 801-363-9144
Email: john.grisevich@prioritydispatch.net

Shawn Johnson

Regional Account Manager

Office: 801-363-9127 x139
Fax: 801-363-9144
Email: shawn.johnson@prioritydispatch.net

Cheryl Collins

Regional Account Manager

Office: 801-363-9127 x191
Fax: 801-363-9144
Email: cheryl.collins@prioritydispatch.net

Alicia Simper, Alda Garcia

Sales Associates

Office: 801-363-9127
Fax: 801-363-9144
Email: salesassociates@prioritydispatch.net

International Client Services Contacts

Peter Hamilton

Regional Representative

Languages: English
Address: Suite 144/66 Kingsway,
Victoria 3150
Office: +61 412-580-283
Fax: +61 3-9806-177
Email: peter.hamilton@prioritydispatch.net

Marie Leroux


Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian
Address: 2 Ch. Paul-Grégoire
La Minerve, Qc.
Canada J0T 1S0
Office: 011+44-5149101301
Email: marie.leroux@prioritydispatch.net

Ron McDaniel

Languages: English
Address: Suite B, 4th Floor, Spectrum, Bond Street
Bristol BS1 3LG
United Kingdom
Office: 801-363-9127 x136
Email: ron.mcdaniel@prioritydispatch.net

Amelia Clawson

Director of Operations, Southern Europe

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Address: 110 South Regent Street, 8th Floor
Salt Lake City
Office: 801-363-9127 x140
Email: amelia.clawson@prioritydispatch.net

Beverley Logan


Languages: English
Address: 264 Orrell Road
Wigan WN5 8QZ
Office: 011+44-1695-632289
Fax: 011+44-1695-62
Email: beverley.logan@prioritydispatch.net