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Continuing Dispatch Education (CDE) Online

Continuing Dispatch Education (CDE) Online is an essential tool found among the training resources of every successful communication center. Recent technological innovations make Web-based training (CBT) one of the most economical and efficient ways for agencies to provide CDE for their calltakers and dispatchers.

Why The Advancement Series?

4 Reasons CDE Online Is Indispensible

International Academies of Emergency Dispatch and CDE Online credits for recertification

Earn International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED)-approved Continuing Dispatcher Education (CDE) Online credit required for recertification every two years

Utilizing modern audio-visual tools to cater the learning experience

Creative use of audio-visual effects, including full-motion video clips, permit calltakers/dispatchers to experience many of the same emergency events (medical, fire, or police) they have previously only heard described over the phone. For example, medical seizures, strokes, electrocutions, and drowning scenarios all become dramatically real after completing the CDE Online series

Gain enhanced and valuable knowledge and skills to serve

These lessons provide the calltaker/dispatcher with enhanced knowledge and skill, better evaluation of emergency events, and a greater understanding of patients’ needs

Web-based programs specifically designed for dispatchers

The Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), Emergency Fire Dispatch (EFD), and Emergency Police Dispatch (EPD) Advancement Series are the first Web-based CDE Online programs designed specifically for dispatchers

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Benefits of the Advancement Series

  • Enhances your learning experience and helps your agency reduce course development costs, instructor fees, overtime pay, and the logistical headaches of scheduling classroom hours for group training
  • Learning format improves skills and knowledge retention
  • 90-percent user approval rating
  • Documented individual post-test scores
  • Learning is self-paced
  • Flexible lesson times eliminate the need to schedule group or classroom lessons
  • Individual lessons can be completed anywhere a Windows-based computer is available
  • Improves protocol compliance
  • Enhances patient care delivery