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Text to 911

Caring for EVERY Member of Your Community


At Priority Dispatch, we prioritize serving every member of our dispatch communities, including people who are hearing and/or speech impaired. Clear back in 2013, we made sure our ProQA calltaking software was updated with the ability to receive and send text messages in order to accommodate everyone.

In addition to being critical for the hearing and/or speech impaired, text to 911 services can also be an effective means of summoning emergency help when voice communications are unwise or dangerous. This may be the case in domestic violence or home invasion situations, and also in active assailant situations. Finally, texting may prove to be a more reliable way of reaching 911 services in areas where wireless coverage is spotty or congested.


For more information about implementing Text To 911 in your community, call your Priority Dispatch Regional Sales Representative at 800-363-9127.