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Priority Dispatch Introduces New Era Of Quality Management With Aqua 7 Ascent

Scott Robinson
(800) 363-9127 ext. 259

With a new focus on simplicity, performance, and positivity, AQUA® 7 Ascent case review software by Priority Dispatch® represents a major shift in quality assurance and quality improvement for dispatch centers everywhere. Embedded in AQUA 7 Ascent are Performance Standards 10th Edition, the new, simplified calltaking standards recently approved and announced by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAED™). Performance Standards 10th Edition moves the focus of case review from focusing on deviations to looking at overall performance, correct actions, and exemplary performance, as well as significant errors.

One major benefit of AQUA 7 Ascent is that it’s a stand-alone solution, with all protocol references and tools embedded in the software that ED-Qs need to review medical, fire, and police emergency calls. According to Tammy Haislip, Lead Quality Assurance Engineer with Priority Dispatch, “We’ve added automatic scoring and weighted errors according to the question being asked and severity of possible consequences, along with color-coding the software to simplify the review process across multiple disciplines. Plus, a built-in trending tool can now track potential changes needed in the standards and software. We’re excited about the positive feedback from our group of pre-release users.”

AQUA 7 Ascent integrates seamlessly with ProQA® emergency calltaking software, further streamlining the case review process for ED-Qs.

For more information about AQUA 7 Ascent and Priority Dispatch, visit prioritydispatch.net/AQUA. For more information about Standards 10 and the IAED, visit emergencydispatch.org/PerformanceStandards10.

About Priority Dispatch

Priority Dispatch supports emergency dispatch centers around the world with the technology, tools, and training required to meet the needs of all types of dispatch environments. As the exclusive licensee and distributor of the IAED’s unified protocol systems, Priority Dispatch integrates these protocols with the technology of ProQA software. ProQA enables dispatch operators to respond confidently and accurately with science-based protocols, time-tested across hundreds of millions of calls around the world.

About the IAED

The IAED is the world’s foremost standard-setting and certification organization for emergency communications with over 64,000 members in 46 countries. More than 3,600 communication centers employ IAED’s protocols for medical, fire, police, and nurse triage dispatching.