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SALT LAKE CITY—Changes newly released in version 6.1 of the International Academies of Emergency™ (IAED™) Fire Priority Dispatch System (FPDS®) enable those using Priority Dispatch Corp.’s (PDC) ProQA® Paramount software to decrease calltaking times as a result of the software’s increased accuracy and efficiency.

Version 6.1 includes a critical component that can have a significant impact on future use of the FPDS—the addition of new ECHO-level determinants on Case Entry for REPORTED BUILDING/STRUCTURE FIRE. These additions will allow agencies to send an earlier response for all structure fire incidents with a spontaneous report of smoke or flames while also allowing for differentiated responses and resource allocation for ECHO- and DELTA-level incidents.

“Our clients asked for a way to respond sooner to critical structure fire incidents, and updating ProQA with v6.1 of the protocol makes that happen,” said Gary Galasso, a Priority Dispatch System™ (PDS™) Program Administrator—Fire and Medical.

The changes were based on Proposals for Change (PFC) submitted by current users of the FPDS, which then goes through the review board of experts on IAED’s Fire Council of Standards.

“The Academy has been working with national and international fire standards with the release of FPDS v6.1 to reduce civilian and firefighter injuries and fatalities due to structure fires,” said Jay Dornseif, PDS Program Administrator—Fire.

Dornseif added that if some agencies still request additional information prior to dispatch, the DELTA pathway is available in FPDS v6.1.

ProQA Paramount software is the exclusive operational system for the FPDS v6.1 release. The updates in this version result in an enhanced user experience due to the greater accuracy and efficiencies in ProQA.

For more information about ProQA Paramount or FPDS v6.1, go to www.prioritydispatch.net or email efdstandards@emergencydispatch.org.

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