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EIDS (Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance) Tool in ProQA Paramount (v5.0/v5.1) and Legacy (v3.4) – Software and Cards Now Available

We will be updating the EIDS Tool software to v5.0.0 the week of 10/20-10/25/2014


The IAED’s CBRN Fast Track Committee of the Council of Standards first issued dispatch-relevant information followed by an Ebola-based modification of the SRI Tool in ProQA on 8/8/14. Based on evolving information and input from CDC and WHO, the Academy has revised and re-issued the SRI/MERS/Ebola Surveillance protocol in software several times since then.

There are now available the two new, updated iterations of the Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance Tool:

1) ProQA: Legacy v3.4, Paramount v5.0, and Paramount v5.1

ProQA users can download the latest software updates from the appropriate FTP or XLUpdate sites. Update information can be obtained by requesting access at http://support.prioritydispatch.net/form_ftp.php.

2) MPDS EIDS Tool manual pullout card for v12.1, v12.2, and v13.0

Manual Card users or non-MPDS Users can download a print-ready PDF from https://prioritydispatch.net/marketing-resource/START_HERE.html now.

The manual protocol card exactly replicates the Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance (SRI/MERS/Ebola) Tool, a.k.a. the EIDS Tool. If used as a manual card in a MPDS protocol flip file, print pages 2-3 of the PDF document on thicker, double-sided paper and cut out OR print pages 2-3 on two separate sheets of regular 8 ½-inch x 11-inch paper, cut to size, and glue together, back-to-back. The EIDS Tool card should then be inserted in between the Sick Person protocols in the regular cardset. The EIDS Tool manual protocol cardset can be used by any emergency communication center regardless if the center is an MPDS user or not. If your communication center is not an MPDS user, simply print pages 2-3, cut, and glue the cards back-to-back as a set for use at each dispatcher’s workstation. Note: Non-MPDS users accept the Limited License Agreement when the EIDS Tool document is downloaded.

Special Language Versions Availability

Manual Card version status: The following languages are now available:


Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance Tool (EIDS Tool) v5.0.1

Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance Tool (EIDS Tool) v4.0.2


ProQA 3.4 (Legacy) status: Available in all supported languages(ANZ, BZP, EUG, EUI, FRE, LAS, NAE, UKE, and USS).

ProQA Paramount status: Available in all supported languages(ANZ, ARA, BZP, EUG, EUI, FRE, LAS, LIT, MAL, NAE, NLD, SCH, UKE, and USS).

As always, if you have any questions or need any help, please contact us at: Software.Support@prioritydispatch.net or 801-363-9127 (after hours choose Option 7).