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Hurricane Season Is Here.
So Is The Tool To Triage Emergency Calls.

Hurricanes and other severe storms happen at any time. Now there’s a powerful tool to help your agency efficiently triage the overload of emergency calls— the Crisis Assessment, Tracking & Triage (CATT) for Hurricanes.

Designed for emergency communication centers

Emergency communication centers can become overwhelmed with both emergent and non-emergent calls during a crisis. When this happens, a nimble and versatile solution is needed to help prioritize the response and resources. CATT helps manage this strain placed on emergency calltakers with an online solution that allows callers to screen themselves safely, then be directed to either call the emergency number or follow directions for safety.

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Two modules to the rescue

The number of times emergency communications agencies experience an influx of calls during crisis-response situations are too numerous to count. Pandemics, hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods are just a few examples. That’s why CATT was created to meet this need—to be there specifically when and where an inundation of calls happens.

With a plan to create CATT for multiple scenarios in the future, there are two modules available right now—CATT for COVID-19 and CATT for Hurricanes. Watch for more information from Priority Dispatch when new modules are available.


What makes CATT different from other COVID-19 tools?

Unlike other COVID-19 self-assessment tools, CATT can be “white labeled” for any agency and offers a number of dispositions (up to 11) that provide relevant local information and guidance to reduce emergency calls. Some of the customizable features include:

  • High-acuity symptoms (fever, headache, etc.)
  • Social contact within 6 feet of person with confirmed COVID-19
  • Personal risk factors (obesity, high-blood pressure etc.)
  • And more

CATT for Hurricanes

Hurricane season is here. Is your agency prepared for the emergency calls?

The tool you’ve been waiting for when hurricanes strike is finally here—introducing CATT for Hurricanes. With CATT, you can triage and process the large amount of calls that happen before, during, and after a hurricane or severe storm.
Customization includes the ability to:

  • Utility problems (gas leaks, downed electrical etc.)
  • Roadway obstructions, damage, and debris
  • Injured person(s)
  • Criminal activity (vandalism, looting, loitering)
  • Animal concerns

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Developed by EMS Professionals

Created by experts who specialize in emergency communication workflows, CATT leverages decades of experience and expertise from Priority Dispatch, Priority Solutions Inc., and its non-profit partner, the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch—the worldwide standard-setting organization that has provided guidance in the industry for over 40 years. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) that CATT utilizes is powered by Corti.

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