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Priority Dispatch Issues Statement in Response to 911 Litigation

We all recognize this was a very unfortunate situation. At the same time, our system does not dispatch police officers, nor can it.

From our review of the 9-1-1 calls, it is apparent our system was never used. The rule we have is, “When in doubt, send them out.” Unfortunately, in this situation, our system was never opened or used because they could not determine an address.

It’s clear from the call audios that none of the questions or live-saving instructions from our protocols were ever used in any of the calls. If the call had proceeded to the point that our system would have been used, the system would have immediately recommended an officer be dispatched to the scene without any questions being asked at all, and would have automatically generated the highest case description information possible, “Caller in Imminent Danger,” to any responding officers.

Leigh Gibson
(c) 801-361-1084